Confessions and Caveats

Posted December 15, 2016 in ... Thoughts On Things

I have a confession to make. As I reread my most recent set of posts, I am a bit embarrassed. You see, my writing may appear to be that of an authority on such subjects as art and photography. But here is the confession: I am no authority. I am neither a widely published photographer or artist, and I am certainly not considered by my friends and relatives to be a great thinker.

My blog isn’t written from a position of authority at all; it is written to help me sort out my own feelings on art, photography, philosophy, and life. I consider myself to be a student, not a teacher. But good teachers in these subjects are hard to find, so I forge my own way through the dense thickets. I suspect that all who ponder art — and life — must make their own way. Perhaps there are no real authorities on these matters at all — we are all students born into a cosmos we all struggle to comprehend.

And so I end this short post with a caveat: Don’t listen to me. Well, I guess I’d like you to CONSIDER what I say — I definitely put a bit of thought into these posts. But the artistic life (like all life, I guess) is very personal. And should your own path take you in a different direction, my advice is to leave my words and ideas behind without reservation. I won’t take offense.

Perhaps someday I may find myself following this same bit of advice about these posts.