My Photographic Tools

I prefer that my images be judged on their merits and not by the tools used to produce them. I don’t think that many really care what typewriter Hemingway used (if he used one at all!) or whether van Gogh’s paint brushes were made from camel hair. Their art transcended the tools they used, and I humbly hope one day to move in that direction.

My tools are as simple and basic as possible. One day my images may require more (or less) sophisticated tools. When that day arrives, I’ll use the tools that are necessary.

This is not to say that I don’t struggle with the tools I use.  I do wish the equipment was more waterproof, the lenses were finer, and the camera sensor was larger, more sensitive and had better resolution.

But using simpler and less expensive tools also provides advantages. Sometimes I am forced to experiment to get the image I desire, and serendipity frequently accompanies that experimentation. And of course there is the freedom from making expensive mistakes (like dropping equipment I cannot afford to replace).

There is a balance to everything.

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