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Posted January 18, 2013 in ... Thoughts On Things

In the future I hope to have a number of posts discussing black and white photography.  I’ve loved and studied this classic craft throughout my entire life, from the days of film and enlargers to today’s chips and pixels.  And yet the field is still deceptively challenging.

Through these informal essays I’ll share a wide range of lessons I’ve learned (or perhaps it is more accurate to say, I’m learning) in this specialized area.  Hopefully these writings will appeal to you and anyone who wants to become more familar with this creative art form.  Some topics will include:

  • The art of “seeing” without color
  • Expressing mood through tonality
  • Image manipulation through software
  • Experiences while “on location”
  • Inspiring monochrome photographers
  • Worthwhile photography books
  • Choosing equipment and software
  • And much more!

Come back soon!

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