A Ripplestone Update: Oct 15, 2014

Posted October 15, 2014 in ... Ripplestone Updates

The content of my blog is changing!  I’ve done technical work for most of my life, so it was natural that my posts have been technical in nature.  But there are plenty of blogs and websites discussing technical photographic issues.  On the other hand, it has been much rarer to see information about the ART of photography.

It has been tough for me to excercise the right side of my brain.  Nonetheless, I’d like the Ripplestone blog to become more of an artistic and photographic journal. I’ll discuss many of the things that I reflect on while struggling to grow as a fine art photographer.

There will be–

  • discussions of art, photography, and style
  • inspiring photographers, books, links, etc.
  • stumbling blocks that hinder the creation of art
  • reflections on some of the images I’ve made
  • and whatever I feel like talking about at the moment

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a fine art photographer (or even an artist of any sort), maybe I’ll encourage the artist within you to reflect on these things.

If it is true that “you learn from your mistakes,” I can assure you that I’m learning a LOT. So I’ll have plenty of topics to discuss. It may take a bit of time to settle into the new direction I’ve chosen, so you’ll need to bear with me. (Now if I can just improve my writing style….)